nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Laurence Watt-Evans' Experiment in Publishing

LWE has a lot of fans who are want another Ethshar book, but hasn't been able to find a publisher who'll pay an advance so it, so this is what he's doing.

Here's the deal: I have posted the first draft of the first chapter of The Spriggan Mirror. And below you'll find some options for making donations. Every time I receive a certain amount in donations, I'll post another chapter -- and I'll do my darnedest to always have at least one more chapter written, ready, and waiting, so there shouldn't be any long delays. I'm starting with four complete chapters and part of a fifth, and will write more as needed.

It strikes me as a very good idea, maybe it'll be a way to get other books that the fans are more interested in than the publishers. Ghu knows, I want that third Metropolitan book by Walter Jon Williams.

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