nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Future psychological theories

matociquala says:
I am writing a book set a thousand years in the future. Do I actually believe that our modern-day theory of mind and mental illness will hold any water then?

Do I have characters blithely going on about sociopathy anyway? Anyway, 900 words. Going to bed now, because I can't keep my eyes open.

The only hint of a real (as distinct mere satire [1] ) future theory of psychology I've ever seen was in a Delany novel (almost certainly Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand [2] )-- a character's apparent stupidity was explained by his belief that he shouldn't try to take in more information than he could output. I asked Delany, and he said that this wasn't part of a larger theory, but it seems to imply a rich cybernetic system of how minds could work or go wrong.

[1] In John Barnes Timeline Wars series, there's a character from an utterly nasty culture who describes himself as having some sort of excessive compassion disorder. It's described in a very familiar sort of jargon.

[2] I don't think a sequel is possible, though I may take another crack at reading the fragment. Aside from Delany seeming to have lost interest in the project, Stars</> predicted the net, but only as a sort of encyclopedia look-up. I don't see how it could be retrofitted into a plausible future where everyone can add to the web. I'd still like to know what cultural fugue is.

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