nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Science fictional aspects of the real world

There are things about the timeline I seem to be stuck in which would either work as science fiction or would be too implausible for science fiction.....

people went to the moon and then stopped going for decades
9/11 and, more generally, Islamic extremists having a worldwide political effect
demographic transition (a spontaneous drop in the birth rate)
China's one child policy
a black president
global warming
home computers
getting more and more information from less and less data (species' histories from DNA, extra solar planets deduced from tiny variations in starlight-- unfortunately, I haven't seen any sf about this trend)
homosexual marriage gradually becoming legal, and likely to be fully legal in much of the world within a generation
the US becoming a security state (I recently saw something about how prescient Heinlein's Between Planets was-- younger readers may not realize he meant it to be a shockingly bad situation)
AIDS (both that it happened and that it's under partial control-- in normal sf, it would either be generally devastating or completely stopped)
too much science fiction for any one person to keep track of (I think, there may still be a very few people who can do it-- sf used to be a field of a much more manageable size)

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