nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

How English sounds to non-English speakers

Well, sometimes. I have trouble making out song lyrics anyway, so I couldn't tell it was gibberish. There's a shoe in there somewhere.

This is an Italian parody in gibberish of a pop song I'd never heard. It's good quality silliness and charming dancing.

I suspect it's a parody of American body language as well as spoken language.

If I want to hear what an American accent sounds like, it helps to listen to the BBC. After a few years, the American accents started jumping out at me instead of just sounding normal.

The other educational accent experience was reading Sean Stewart's Mockingbird-- it's set in Texas. It isn't written in dialect, but when a Canadian character shows up (someone with an accent more like my Delaware accent than a Texan accent would be), the Canadian "sounds" very clipped and emotionally flat.

The book's about a woman who inherits a bunch of small annoying gods from her mother and has to figure out how to deal with them. It's pretty good.

Video link thanks to tamnonlinear.

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