nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

A Justification for the Button Business

The author is not wholly useless, who provides innocent amusements for minds like these. There are, in the present state of things, so many more instigations to evil, than incitements to good, that he who keeps men in a neutral state, may be justly considered as a benefactor to life. ----Samuel Johnson

Actually, there's some slight moral intent in my slogan selections--I'm busy proving that it's possible to be funny without being malicious. I try to avoid implying anything I think is false. I occasionally use my business as a soapbox. I think calligraphy is good for the spirit, and it's probably good for people of average incomes to be able to afford the occasional custom made item. But mostly, I think harmless amusement is a respectable goal.

quote found at The Valve

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