nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Possible button slogan

This has inspired me to something along the lines of "Contented Introvert-- Random conversation do not want", or perhaps minus the LOLspeak "Contented Introvert-- No random conversations", or "Saving my social interaction units-- if I want to chat, I'll start the conversation or the more specific "I'm reading because I like my book, not because I want to talk". "My internal monologue is enough for me. Do not interrupt."

The thing is, I want slogans which will prevent unwanted conversation rather than backfire into conversation starters. Any thoughts about what's likely to work? I'm pretty sure the next to last one is a winner, but sometimes you might not have a book or don't want to read.

In an ideal world, there'd be something like Betan earrings for conversation as well as sex.

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