nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Looking for therapist in Philadelphia area

The problem is, I'm not very sure what traits I'm looking for-- I'm dealing with (or not dealing with) depression which I think is related to fairly early (and mostly known by side-effects) sexual abuse.

I don't drive, so I need someone accessible by mass transit, but I'm willing to go an hour or two from South Philly for someone good.

I'm pretty sure I'd rather have a woman than a man. I'd definitely need someone who's comfortable with an intelligent patient.

Beyond that, I'm not very sure about type of therapy. I have problems with making much of an effort. Alternative methods (bio-feedback? shamanism?) are a possibility.

That being said, if you know of good listings of Philly area therapists, let me know about those, too.

If you're recommending someone, please let me know *why* you think they're good. If you've had personal experience with them as your therapist, I'd like to know what they've helped you with, and how much. I don't absolutely have to know that, but it would help, and I'll place a higher value on that sort of recommendation.

If you'd prefer confidentiality, anonymous commenting is possible, or you can send me a private message. If you use anonymous commenting, please use a nickname so that I can tell who's who in case there's more than one anonymous commenter.

I'm not interested in discussing my reasons for believing I was sexually abused, or why I think I'm dealing with long term aftereffects. If you have a therapist in mind who in your personal experience has been good at sorting out that kind of thing, let me know.

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