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Buttons at Balticon and some odds and ends

I'll be selling at Balticon. If you send me button orders by next Wednesday, I'll do them in advance.

You can reach me at nancy at netaxs dot com or through

Any good one-liners that sufficiently curse out spammers? Not content with damaging any on-line conversation which isn't guarded against them, they've gone on to making email bounce messages less useful.

New slogans:

Dating soon. Accepting applications.

Humanists do it with people.

I went to Iraq, and all I got was this lousy gas price

If all you have is silver bullets, everything looks like a werewolf.

Lucifer was pushed!

Renaissance is feudal. Prepare to be anachronated.


When I was your age, Michael Jackson was black.

Does anyone have one-liners for scrapbooking? So far, I've got

Scrapbooking: God's way of telling you that you have too much money

I'm acid free and preserved for eternity

Scrapbooks aren't expensive....they're PRICELESS

I'd rather scrap than fight

Don't worry, be scrap happy
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