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Will be cross-posting from Dreamwidth - Input Junkie
September 6th, 2010
12:00 pm


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Will be cross-posting from Dreamwidth

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Date:September 6th, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
As nancylebov said, OpenID solves that problem. Basically, you tell DW you want to comment as an OpenID user instead of anonymous or as a DW user; you put the URL of your LJ main-page (for you: whswhs.livejournal.com) in the box for that; DW tells LJ "this person claims to be whswhs@livejournal, so would you please ask the real whswhs@livejournal whether this is really them?"; LJ tosses a page at you saying, "DW says someone claiming to be you tried to log in; is it you and can we tell DW that it's you?"; you click yes; and Bob's your uncle.

Doing the same thing in reverse is how I'm posting this very comment, so you can see how it'll look when you're done.

You can just tell DW to accept your credentials to post that one comment, or you can tell DW to actually log you into the site under your OpenID identity. IIRC, you can even set up some profile info and upload a user icon on DW under your LJ OpenID login. Similarly, when you tell LJ, "Yes, it's me, go ahead and tell DW it's me," you can choose whether to authorize that once, or to have any future OpenID logins at DW under your LJ identity automatically authorized (I think there's an "if you're logged into LJ at the time from the same browser" on the end of that).

So: eensy weensy bit of setup the first time, and after that it's set up to be able to recognize you with no more effort than logging in anywhere else to comment. No dual accounts/dual identities required: you show up on DW as your LJ self, and anyone who clicks on your name over there gets directed to your LJ.
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