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Reasons for a very gentle approach

An attitude of nonjudgment, patience, and compassion entices clients to let down their defenses in order to get in touch with emotional charges they have been holding in their bodies. If practitioners try to break through the resistances -- to fight with the guardian -- clients are put in a no-win situation. They then have no choice but to fight back or to shut down the part of themselves that is in charge of protection, in which case the results might be catastrophic. The guardian is betrayed by the very part of the self that needs protection, propagating a situation that is already the origin of symptoms a person is experiencing.

--- Healing from Within with Chi Nei Tsung by Gilles Marin.

Chi Nei Tsung is a Taoist system of abdominal massage.

In re emotional charges held in the body: Marin might take this farther into metabolism, but here's at least a partial explanation. Emotions are partly expressed through the muscles. If you are determined to not show an emotion, you have to tighten the muscles used to express it. For example, not laughing or not crying requires tightening your chest and your face.

This is probably no big deal if you're doing it some of the time in some particular situations, but if you believe those emotions may never be shown (or never shown in response to particular thoughts), then the tension becomes stabilized because you never know when those thoughts might happen.

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