nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Pandora Radio and me

Pandora is an internet radio station which plays music similar to what you ask for. It occasionally plays what you ask for, but legally it can't do much of that.

I've got a playlist which pretty reliably leads to music I enjoy a lot. I've found that it's better to add and subtract stations (requests for music which resembles songs or artists) and put them on quick mix rather than try to fine tune a station with upvotes and downvotes for specific pieces of music-- the latter makes the station converge too much and get boring.

My playlist:
The Last Five Years (Original Broadway Cast), Death in Vegas, Bobby McFerrin, Pat Metheny, Brooks Williams, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Zoe Keating, Miranda Sex Garden, Next To Normal (Original Cast), The Temptations, Boston Baroque, Kronos Quartet, The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady (live), Ray Lynch, Liquid Tension Experiment, The Klezmatics (Holiday), Martin Carthy, Shared Station Symphonic, Romantic Period, Michael Praetorius, The Bobsm Charles Mingus, You Can't Stop The Beat, Enter the Haggis, The Grateful Dead.

Thanks to Eric Raymond for recommending Liquid Tension Experiment and Pat Metheny.

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