nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Went to the Star Wars movie

I saw it yesterday, and I recommend it. The special effects are excellent and the emotional situation is intense enough that it's frequently involving in spite of the movie's many weak points.

When I think of the weak points, I'm amazed that it's any good at all. Aside from the tone-deaf names (General Grievous? Dooku? Darth Sidious?), bad to mediocre acting, and flat dialogue, there isn't much wrong with it. (Except that I might have forgotten something, in which case I hope that my loyal commenters will remind me of it.) Nonetheless, I don't regret seeing it, and I might see it again.

The doggie/dragon mount was great, and I want one--and I don't mean a stuffed toy, either.

The lava planet was great, too, but I don't think I want one. The final swordfight, with the two blue-white light-sabers in the middle of all that red, worked really well, though I was wondering why Vader's saber didn't go red when he went over to the dark side.

Speaking of, why didn't Jedi training include a little of "when people tell you something,
check on whether it makes sense" as well as combat and gymnastics? If Annakin had thought about whether the dark side is likely to be useful in healing (and why doesn't the light side include some healing skills?), or why it can beat a prophecy that nothing else can, or why he isn't getting some actual training instead of being sent off to kill people, his life would have gone a lot better.

Even though General Grievious had a very silly name, he was an exceedingly fine nightmare image.

nosebeepbear doesn't agree with me, but I think there was a decent ironic twist to Padme's death--Annakin's visions of her dying set him in motion to cause her death. The "lost the will to live" bit doesn't strike me as totally medically implausible--considering her children, she may have a few midichlorians herself. If she used the Force against herself in her despair, it's reasonable that the doctors wouldn't know what to do about it or recognize the nature of the problem. On the other hand, nosebeepbear has a point that Padme had some very good reasons for keeping herself alive, and she certainly isn't well-enough characterized to give any clue for whether her level of despair is reasonable.

I'm not sure what went wrong with Yoda, but he was really delightful the first time around. This time, I could see how meticulous the facial expressions were, but I just didn't care about him.

Nitpick territory: I'm reasonably sure that flying car traffic would be more interesting/complex to look at, even with autopilots.


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