nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Fin3 2ning $um l33t

L33t stages of grieving.
Stage 1: OMG
Stage 2: WTF
Stage 3: :(
Stage 4: kthxbye

Link originally at dhole, but I got it from womzilla.

So I googled kthxby, and found it means "ok, thanks, goodbye".

Then I thought that it might work on a button, but "stages of grieving" looked a little too normal. I don't know much about l33t, so I googled again, and found:

The bbc


wikipedia, both of whom had dignified, informative articles.

Is "Stajez of gr33ving" overdoing it? I gather that "f" for "of" is too aolish, and "ph"
for "f" for "of" is probably contrary to the spirit of l33t.

I can see the temptation to get l33tR & l33tR unt|_ 1 is 1ll3jiBle. I bet this is one of the very few uses of 1 as a l33t pronoun.

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