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Ivy League foreign affairs students told not to link to or comment on WikiLeaks

ETA: schemingreader pointed out that students weren't told not to read the links, just to not link to or comment on them. This is still stupid, but not quite as stupid.

Here's the whole article:
Associated Press

NEW YORK — Columbia University students eyeing careers in diplomacy are being warned to avoid linking to or posting comments about secret U.S. documents released by the WikiLeaks website.

A spokesman for the Ivy League school confirmed Saturday that the Office of Career Services circulated an e-mail to students at the School of International and Public Affairs, known for cultivating future diplomats.

The Nov. 30 e-mail says an alumnus at the U.S. State Department had contacted the office, saying the diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks were "still considered classified."

The e-mail said online discourse about the documents "would call into question your ability to deal with confidential information."

Most federal government jobs require a background check.

WikiLeaks has been releasing a trove of sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables over the past week.

As pointed out at Unqualified Observer, do you really expect people who are studying foreign affairs to not be fascinated by the biggest recent scoop on the subject? Ok, the students just aren't supposed to engage in public conversation about the leaks-- but wouldn't commenting and linking tend to improve their knowledge and understanding?

I will also note that it won't be that hard for anyone who's interested to find a way of looking at WikiLeaks which is hard to trace back to them. I'm not sure how hard it is to maintain anonymity while posting from the US, but I assume it's still possible.

I voted for Obama because I thought it would be good to have someone intelligent in the White House. I also thought he cared about civil liberties and was opposed to torture. Mostly, though, I was praying for a return to ordinary politics. I may have gotten that much.

If he's running against Palin, I'll definitely vote for him again.

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