nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Please explain large organizations to me, or possibly explain people

How hard is it to understand that it's wrong in any number of ways to piss off a largish proportion of your subordinates for the fun of it?

I know workplace bullying happens. I'm not sure what it would take in the way of training to convey the idea that it's bad to people who feel a strong compulsion to bully or policies and organizational culture to choose people who aren't inclined that way.

I realize there are specific policies about not being nasty about race, gender, and orientation, but does the Navy have a general "don't be an asshole" principle?

A small mystery to me: somehow, the potentially worst-behaved tenth of a percent of people in a culture usually is restrained, and I think one of the distinguishing features of cultures is how good they are at doing it. I have no idea how it works. Punishment matters, but not that much-- punishment isn't that reliable. I suspect there's a large element of hypnosis: "People like us don't even think of doing things like that."

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