nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

A worse boss

An hour about Steve Raucci, a school superintendent who ran an astonishing reign of terror for years, including extreme threats and vandalism against his subordinates.

The institutional protections weren't all that bad, but Raucci arranged things so that he was both the boss and the union rep, his behavior was so weird that complaints weren't taken seriously, and he'd done a good job of saving electricity (having sabotaged someone who'd previously had that job) and it was convenient that the union wasn't getting complaints.

A text version of the story-- but really, the radio program is better.

I'm willing to bet a little that Raucci isn't the worst boss in America, and a lot that he isn't the worst boss in the world-- he probably didn't have the police on his side.

And I wish Raucci had put that much drive and intelligence into something positive, or at least harmless.

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