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The Supermarkets of Detroit

Yet another entry in the "you can't trust something just because everyone keeps saying it Olympics": Detroit has a lot of supermarkets, some of them very good.

This doesn't mean it's as well-served as some other cities, but the blanket statement is nonsense. Some of it is confusion caused by a lack of national chains in Detroit They have some presence, but it doesn't look like a lot. The one I found a little slippery in the article was mentioning that Aldi's is owned by the same people who own Trader Joe's. This is true, but if the Aldi's in Philadelphia is typical, the selection is dismal.

The point is made extensively that a lack of national chains is not equivalent to a lack of produce.

The most surprising thing for me (the revelation that I'd casually believed something false doesn't have the zing it once did) was the number of excellent Hispanic supermercados. The thought of such had never crossed my mind-- there are little Hispanic groceries in my neighborhood, but not supermarkets, and a fast googling doesn't turn up any in Philadelphia.

Around here, there are a number of Asian supermarkets (at least two within 3 miles of here), and possibly none of those in Detroit.

Anyway, while comments on supermarkets and such are welcome, I'm also interested in what you've been hearing again and again that just isn't true?

Link thanks to supergee.

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