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Hello World

I've put off starting a livejournal because I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to begin, but I've decided to just dive in with what will probably turn out to be my usual short comments, observations, and rants about the world rather than expecting myself to make a big splash.


Some of you may already know me as the button lady (a usual huckster at east coast sf conventions + worldcons) or as a frequent poster in rec.arts.sf.written and rec.arts.sf.fandom.

I'm here as nancylebov because a clever user name failed to materialize and my actual name is too hard for a lot of people to remember.

I'm not bothering with anonymity because my writing style and life are sufficiently distinctive that there's no point in trying to conceal my identity. (If I couldn't use parenthesis and dashes--lots of them (and sometimes nested)--I'd probably choke).

On the other hand, other people's anonymity doesn't bother me. I'm probably not going to knock myself out trying to figure out who you are. If you want me to know, tell me.

One of my goals in this livejournal is to have a good, lively comment chains. One of my goals in life is to have sane expectations--it took me a bit to realize that I was hoping to have something comparable to Making Light. Well, it could happen, but it is for sure not a minimum standard, nor entirely likely, nor guaranteeable, nor going to happen quickly if it happens at all.

Another goal is to encourage people to go to my website and order buttons, not that this is a hint or anything. The most recent slogans are "Humanitarians do it with people" and "I went to Iraq and all I got was this lousy gas price".
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