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It started with The Imagined Village's (a group which combines traditional British and world music) Tam Lyn retold, which has an Immigration court standing in for Queen of Faerie. It works better than you might think-- Janet must hold her husband fast and ignore the versions of him the opposition wants her to believe.

Anyway, I was going to recommend it to Tam Lin Balladry, an astonishingly encyclopedic site which may not be getting updated, so this seemed like the best place to put it.

Then I remembered I'd just seen this about immigration law as an offense against decency (and impractical to boot) by Fiddler, a new poster at Obsidian Wings. Any thoughts about the balance of emotional, practical, and moral arguments in such matters are appreciated.

And this, about the imprisonment of Kelley Williams-Bolar for lying about her address to get her kids into a better school and why a lot of Americans have a gut-level mistrust of their government [1], and this about the concept of nation-states starting to look kind of shaky as the states become less competent. [2] (On the BBC, I heard an Irish woman talking about Tunisia as a possibly useful example.)

[1] Unfortunately, the folks who are noisiest on the subject don't seem to focus much on the justice system, which is where a lot of the most outrageous injustice happens.

[2] This isn't all the governments. I saw a mention here that Australia managed to stay out of the banking crisis-- how they did it is probably worth looking into. The article is about the advantages of working in the somewhat subsidized tourist industry in the boonies of Australia.

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