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Favorite weather site?

This is a minor issue, but I'm been using Wunderground, and what I really appreciated was that the put the 5 day forecast AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. The hourly forecast that I could get by clicking on a day was hard to parse, but I could live with that. I'm not sure what would improve the hourly forecast, though a less intrusive wind direction would help.

Fortunately, they do offer a classic version link. It's still not as good as just getting what I want on the first bounce.

In any case, in a fit of god knows what, they redesigned the page so that the extended forecast is less handy. Being able to choose an icon style doesn't make up for this. And I don't care about the size of the radar map.

What's more bizarre is that there's plenty of space wasted in the top of the page where they could have put the 5 day forecast.

And there are 400+ comments on the "we love our design, don't you?" page (the majority of which are NOT PLEASED), and after I set up an account (with an optional tell-our-advertisers-about-yourself quiz offered twice that needed to be clicked past), I couldn't find the comment page again. And wasn't inclined to try very hard, so I've sent them an email.

Anyway, if you have a favorite weather site, and especially if they if they put the extended forecast at the top, please let me know. For that matter, if there's something else that's a big deal for you about weather sites, tell me that too.

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