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An exercise/movement premise

I realized very recently that what gets me to exercise is whether it makes moving more of a pleasure, and, of course, if it's a pleasure in itself.

Any hint of "prove you're a worthwhile person by how much you can make yourself endure" or "not being fat is the most important thing in the world"[1] is apt to be demotivating.

It might be a good thing if being able to react well in emergencies[2] were a strong motivation for me, but the truth is, I've had a pretty easy life, and the only thing that motivates me in that range is wanting to be able to walk safely on ice.

So, what tends to increase your pleasure in movement? Do you know of any systems organized around enjoyment?

[1] I know they never say that, but if an exercise system has fat loss as the only or first reason listed for engaging in it, that's how I interpret it.

[2] This interview with Scott Sonnon is absolutely the most rational thing I've seen on the subject. He's focused very hard on doing things that work rather than things that seem as though they might indicate that something will work. And his emphasis that the best exercise program is one that you will keep doing, both because you're willing to stay with it and because it doesn't hurt you is what inspired this post.

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