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Drug war outrage, one of an occasional series

Why some people use "for the children" as a curse:
Hell, this case wasn't even about drugs to begin with. The kid in question shop lifted a pack of candy bars and got placed on probation. Later the kid tested positive for the fake marijuana that was outlawed last legislative session. I wasn't aware that a test had even been developed for the fake stuff. However, when I googled it I found that they have indeed developed a test to rapidly detect any fun one might possibly have.

Then the parent sent me the paperwork for enrollment and it was right there in black and white.

"Parents, Guardians, or Custodians is/are made party to herein shall"

X Submit to and pass drug and alcohol screens at the request of the drug
court team.

I could just quote the whole damned thing, but you might as well follow the link. Parents not allowed to drink alcohol in their home, must get permission to give their kids drugs, even if the drugs are prescribed or over-the-counter, must allow access to any drug court team member at any time, and all of this with potential job/money consequences which could cost them their house.

All this tyranny is for white people-- black kids just get set to jail.

The Idaho Supreme Court has found that drug testing parents of juvenile criminals is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. It's a start.

Link thanks to The Agitator.

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