nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Origami documentary

The trailer for "Between the Folds", an overview of ambitious work being done in origami. The trailer is pretty spiffy, the whole hour-long piece can be streamed at Netflix.

There's sculptural origami (including paper-making), math of origami, anarchist origami, an ambitious teaching program, abstract, and kinetic origami, practical applications (airbags, protein folding, biology).....

One of the talks below mentions that the DVD has additional material.

A little further discussion in four parts

paper-making, the limits of what people call origami),

lacquer, tools, folding found objects, the origami community, hand-folded origami in space,

silly hats, something intriguing I didn't understand about self-correcting meshes, folding silk (complex pleating/network folds are easier in silk because fabric distorts (stretches?), how the movie happened-- the director thought about making a short piece about math and origami, and found the subject spreading out to more people and art and science),

contact info, conventions, close-ups of origami and some details about cloth folding.

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