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Celtic Piano, and wild enthusiasm for O'Breskey's music

Some spectacularly good music which is only going to be available online for less than two weeks-- and isn't for sale because of rights issues. There's a play list at the bottom of the post-- I want the links closer to the top.

I especially recommend Antoni O'Breskey's work (originally Antonio Bresci)-- he's an Italian who fell in love with Irish music, and whose versions include flamenco and jazz influences-- they're fast and passionate and intense. If you like virtuoso piano, check his work out. Everything in the hour is good or better, but he's why I'm posting this.

Ten minutes of O'Breskey playing excerpts of Irish, jazz, and flamenco.

Some other O'Breskey: this one is probably flamenco, and this is a song from the south of Italy with Consuelo Nerea-- the only thing I've heard where I think the person he's playing with might be better than he is.


Antoni O’Breskey, Mícháel Ó’Súilleabháin (pron: O'Sullivan), and Triona Ní Dhomhnaill (pron: Nee Gonnel) headline an hour of Celtic piano music.

Jig in the Antoni O’Breskey from The Colours of Music (O'Music)
Crest of the Wave: Barr nan Tonn/ The Little Tracey Dares and Paul MacNeill from (castle
The Holland Bill Jones from Two Year Winter (Compass)
The Lowlands of Antoni O'Breskey from Irish Airs (Forest Hill Records)
Liza’s Dream/The Westside Cherish the Ladies from Threads of Time (RCA)
Brian Micheal O'Suilleabhain from Between Worlds (Virgin)
A Day Without Enya from A Day Without Rain (Warner)
ID Excerpt: Masons Apron/My Love is In America…by Seamus Eagan from When Juniper Sleeps (Shanachie)
At the Nightnoise from The White Horse Sessions (Windham Hill)
The Banks of Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomhnaill from Idir an Da Sholas: Between the Two Lights (Green Linnet)
The Cuillin Nightnoise from At the End of the Evening (Windham Hill)
Reel: Graf Dennis Botzer from The House (Sodaspeak)
The Birken Tree Bachue from A Certain Smile (Culburnie)
Turas Go Tir Na nOg: Journey to the Land of Micheal O'Suilleahain from Templum (Virgin)
The Tipsy Sailor/The Future is Simon Thoumire & David Milligan from The Big Day In (Foot Stompin)

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