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Forensics fantasia - Input Junkie
August 10th, 2011
11:05 am


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Forensics fantasia
Found here:
“Is this the video?” “Yes.”

“There. Zoom in on the forward figure. Enhance.”

The wristwatch seems abnormally bright, zoom in on it. Enhance.”

Is that a building in the reflection on the watch? I think It’s across the street. Wait! That’s the building where the shooting took place! Zoom in on section 3-14 of the watch. Enhance.”

“There, in section 4-6. That’s the window the shooting took place in. Zoom in. Enhance.”

“How long before this footage was taken did the shooting occur?” “12 hours, sir.”

“Do a Quantum Entanglement series on the window. 13 hour time backup with a 2 hour window, 50 millisecond resolution, both audio and video.” “I can get stills from the video, sir! It’s our man! But the audio is choppy.”

“Redo the audio with a 20 millisecond resolution. Send it all in! Good work, team.”

Damn! That thousand dollar software is awesome! I gotta get me that… then I can Enhance! video coverage of politicians I dislike. Yeah, I’ll go blind.

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