nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Link search: the effect of inflation on investments

A day or two ago, I found a link to a short article claiming that if you allow for inflation, neither the stock market nor real estate are especially good investments over the long term.

A CPA I know would like to take a more careful look at it, but I can't find the damned thing.

Unfortunately, my detailed memories are either visual or abstract, and google isn't much good for either. The graph lines were red and blue (there's a different article which included green), there wasn't a mention of a tweaking to affect the numbers, the page was minimal black text on white with blue links, and the feel was close to prophet crying in the wilderness but not necessarily crackpot.

If google could do anything useful with a description like that, it probably would have solved natural language. Either that, or it would do a better job of tracking where I've been than I can.

Meanwhile, here's a different article on the subject.

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