nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Coloraid lives! I have black paper!

A while ago, I'd been told at Pearl, my local art supply store, that Coloraid had gone out of business. The information seemed substantiated by a sale on their remaining stock of Coloraid paper.

This is more serious than it sounds--Coloraid makes the only black paper I know of that's really good for calligraphy. Those of you who are hooked on a particular art supply know what it's like to have the supply get cut off.

I did much angsting and complaining and trying out Stygian Black Mi Tiente paper and black origami paper, neither of which worked all that well, and trying to figure out a policy for the use of my smallish remaining stash of black Coloraid.

I did find Paperjade, an evilly tempting origami paper website. It loads quickly, then shows you what's on sale, what's most popular, what sold most recently, and what people who bought what you just ordered also bought, without cluttering up the screen the way amazon does. And they taped a lollipop to the order list for my first order.

So I went to ask.metafilter (the place to ask those questions not easily answered by google), and a sensible person checked and found that Coloraid was still running their website and was presumably still in business.

My black paper (and some dark brown, suitable for custom buttons about chocolate) arrived today. I feel much better.

I'd feel even better than that if I had an alternate source of black paper, but at least my favorite pusher is still on the corner.

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