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Miss Universe Competition, National Costumes

It sneaks up on you. Miss Albania is wearing something pleasant and dignified. I'm not saying anyone would wear that on the street, but it wouldn't wreck your day to try.

Miss Angola's dress is kind of overdone, but it's still rather like clothes.

Miss Argentina is looking kind of Las Vegas.

Miss Aruba is definitely Las Vegas, but at least there's a coherent design and color scheme.

Miss Australia-- the look is kind of grab-bag and pointless, and I wonder what anyone was thinking.

With Miss Bahamas, The Mummers Parade has begun to show up. It isn't going to leave.

At some point, I realize that they're alphabetical by nation, and I begin to wonder what the US costume will look like, but I decide to let events unfold in their natural order.

I'm not going to describe every costume. I wonder if there's such a thing as cultural self-appropriation.

There's a lot of Vegas and a lot of mummers-- I guess they overlap. From their expressions, I think some of the women are not entirely pleased with their clothes.

I've reached the point where Miss Dominican Republic's outfit looks tasteful and reasonable. It's like going to a big juried craft show where everything is so expensive that the hand-carved $700 wooden room divider doesn't look especially high priced.

I have to admit, what Miss Haiti is wearing looks like fun.

Why is Miss Hungary wearing a vaguely futuristic outfit with cat ears?

Miss Portugal is wearing an actual national costume or something close to it. Not only could she walk in it, she could dance. Who let that happen?

Miss Tanzania's costume seems to have been influenced by video games.

We're made it to Miss United States. We have no culture to appropriate. No, I'm not going to describe it. I suffered, you can suffer.

Link thanks to [personal profile] dglenn.

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