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What if bacteria had copyright?

Actually, it's a TED talk about the fashion industry and other industries which thrive without copyright. The best bit is a chart which shows up at about 12:20.

However, when I came up with the idea of bacteria having copyright, my first thought was relief-- it would slow them down a lot, even if their lawyers and courts were also bacteria. My initial reaction may be irrational prejudice against bacteria-- I don't actually know that slower bacteria evolution would make the world a better place for people.

Anyway, I found Tyranny of 19-49 at Ready to Share, the website associated with the video. It's an essay claiming that the media focus on the 19 to 49 demographic makes no economic or logical sense, and it at least seems plausible.

It has a bunch of explanations for why the media neglects so many potential customers, but leaves out the possibility that people are fools. They don't think harder than they have to, and can be easily entranced by an idea.

On the less grand scale, I'll note that the younger part of the target demographic is fleeing television. Is it possible that the more people are exposed to advertising, especially advertising aimed at them, the less they like it?

First link thanks to siderea.

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