nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

If they actually activate this, I'll cancel my Facebook account

##Massive Correction## It looks like there's nothing there at all. I should probably not be the first to sound the alarm on this sort of thing.

Correction:The current system is opt-in. However, I'm still concerned that Facebook will switch it to opt-out, but there's less current reason for concern than I was feeling.

Facebook is thinking about aps that will track and possibly post your browser activity.

I'm not the most private person on the web. I don't post about everything in my life, but I do post under my own name.

I've only made a little use of facebook, but there are people there that I know and comment to, or am glad to see how they're doing.

Posting what I'm doing on line without my explicit choice is too much.

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