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On fogheadedness

[personal profile] twistedchick points out that there's a connection between policies that drive away undocumented people and shortages of produce.

Article about how pervasive the situation is.

Anyway, [personal profile] groovesinorbit asked "What exactly did these idiots passing these laws think was going to happen?".

It's easy to snark, but I have some experience of being a fool that might be worth sharing.

Part of it is that it took me years, maybe even a small number of decades, to understand what "politics is the art of the possible" might mean. Before that, I thought the idea was just to get things right.

Also, there's a bit in Idris Shah about needing time, place, and people to get an idea across. That made me jump in a useful way because it broke the belief that just being right is enough.

So, what did they think would happen? I'm guessing that they thought their principles were so good that they didn't need to think about consequences very carefully. They probably believed that Americans would take those jobs, not realizing either how awful the working conditions are or that it's skilled work which requires physical conditioning.

"We have to control our borders" and "they broke our laws" seem to have a powerful hypnotic effect. There may also be an underlying belief that one's gut reactions (especially about defending territory) are good enough.

I don't know what, if anything, tends to get people out of the "my generalizations feel right so they must be right, and paying attention to the details is too much work" trance.

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