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When I try to clean something, I've noticed that I don't get it clean on the first try, and I'm not talking about things that need to be soaked. I'm talking about thinking I've cleaned it, and then I notice that I've missed some stuff that needs to be wiped off. So I wipe that off, think I'm done, and then I cycle through the process a few more times.

This sucks away both time and motivation.

So, I'm interested in the strategies that people who are good at cleaning use for mental focus and/or strategizing cleaning an object or area.

I'm especially interested in accounts from people who've learned to be good at cleaning, though if you've been good at it as far back as you can remember and can introspect enough to find your methods, by all means, tell me. Also, if you've taught someone to be good at cleaning by something more sophisticated than "criticize until they figure it out themselves", tell me about it.

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