nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

The desperate problem of advertising

Advertising has to be different enough to stand out, while being standard enough to be comprehensible and attractive.

There's been a lot of advertising. The "different enough" part has clearly overwhelmed all other considerations.

Now, just for you.....$30,000,000 worth of WTF! ETA: Actually, these ads are part of a $30,000,000 campaign. I don't know what the ad cost.

I wonder how much of that money was spent on rights to the animated characters. Obviously none of it was spent on anyone with any taste, or if was, they had no authority.

If LSD had anything with this ad, it must not have been as good as what Steve Jobs took.

Link thanks to richardthinks, who's been collecting very odd advertisements.

Correction thanks to agrumer.

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