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Scrubbing, the sequel

Thank you to everyone who replied.

I cleaned two refrigerator drawers this morning, and I definitely haven't been using hot enough water. Even if I don't want to put my hands in extremely hot water, I need to use it for soaking. Elementary chemistry is my friend.

And I've probably been putting too much faith in the curly metal scrubby because it looks effective. Elementary physics (the curly metal thing doesn't make enough contact) is also my friend.

Another thing is to expect that I'll need more than one pass to get something clean. After all, anything I post has been read at least twice, proofed (even if imperfectly) and probably at least twiddled with. And I may well make corrections after I've posted, too. Posting would be a lot less fun if I thought I should be able to get the writing just so on the first pass.

I haven't tried silly songs (papersky, does "baking tray" have lyrics?) or time limits yet, but they're on the agenda.

This being said, it's amazing how hard it was [1] to get across the idea that I seem to have a problem with attention and perception. I haven't yet observed lurking dirty spots which are only visible when wet, but I tell you three times that there can be spots which are a different color than the background and not baked on which I could still miss. I'm not sure I got the idea across to anyone but nellorat, who's lived with someone who has the same problem, and to kalimac, who has the same problem.

Proper soaking helps with that because if stuff that needs to be cleaned off comes off more easily, then it doesn't need as much attention. This could probably open out into a large topic of good solutions sometimes not being anywhere near where you think they are.

[1] I need to stop being amazed at this. It's just plain hard to believe how different other people's experience is.

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