nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Progress on meditation

I think I've found something useful.... every thought and sensation has a feeling associated with it, and it's working for me to pay attention to the thought and its feeling. So it's not just observing the stream of thoughts and physical sensations, it's observing my reactions to them, including that the determination to pay attention is also a thought with associated feelings.

Ok, I've just tried this out for one session, I didn't have any dramatic experiences. However, it's feels much more connected, joyful, and interesting than trying to force meditation without noticing that part of what I'm doing. I suspect I'm not the only person with an unobserved idea of what meditation is and what I have to do to make it happen-- this approach at least has a better chance of letting that stuff into consciousness. And I let go of a chunk of throat tension.

I don't *think* I've seen quite this advice elsewhere. The closest I can remember was a bit where a student asked his teacher what to do... the student was distracted during meditation by thoughts of how to rewire his house. The teacher said to pay attention to the pleasure brought by the thoughts of rewiring.

So, what feelings appear as the thought of geek meditators crosses your mind? At at the thought after that?

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