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The best solution to Emmerich's "Anonymous"

I've seen some good rants and a good discussion (especially see this comment).

I was thinking about GRR Martin's "The Way of Cross and Dragon" (one of my favorite short stories), and I realized that what's needed is a movie about a war between time traveling "who wrote Shakespeare?" factions, with the conclusion being that Shakespeare really wrote Shakespeare. Maybe they should be limited to time-viewing, so we don't get stuck with a Shakespeare who only wrote his plays because they were given to him by time travelers. However, I wouldn't mind a story where, every time they try to make someone else write Shakespeare, they break their present, and have to scramble back to the past and undo their changes before the time change wave catches up with them and destroys them.

The plot could be partly about getting hold of the time viewer, and partly about verifying that you've got the real time viewer and not one of the cheap, ill-tuned time viewers which just shows you what people hallucinate about the past.

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