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Doing the right thing - Input Junkie
October 30th, 2011
04:32 am


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Doing the right thing
Woman gets hit with stray bullet, heads to hospital. NYPD officers decide she’s lying about what happened, arrest her, detain her for five days . . . then release her with no charges.

The right thing aspect is that the police wanted her to accuse her ex-boyfriend with shooting her, and she refused to do so, even though being held in squalid conditions-- one hamburger/day and insufficient access to bathroom facilities.

What I've seen in response to this story is anger at the NYPD police and hopes that she wins a big settlement. That's all very well, but respect is owed because she wasn't willing to wreck someone else's life, even under a great deal of pressure.

Large cash awards are definitely better no recourse at all, but they don't seem to lead to changes in policy. I think it's necessary to punish the individuals responsible for these outrages, or at least fire them.

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Date:October 30th, 2011 09:21 am (UTC)
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Date:October 30th, 2011 09:22 am (UTC)
*Is* there any way to force the department to fire those individuals? Is there any way at all to force the necessary punishments to happen?
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Date:October 30th, 2011 07:49 pm (UTC)
What would you consider to be a reliable source?
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Date:October 31st, 2011 09:02 am (UTC)
Your earlier comment reminded me that when I first heard of The Agitator, the name sounded to me as though it would be an uninspired left wing blog.

Actually, Radley Balko (who runs it) is a libertarian and a journalist, and his blog is the best I know of for justice system abuses. He reports on folks in the justice system (all too few of them) who oppose the abuses, too. I strongly recommend adding his blog to your rota.

Edited at 2011-10-31 09:03 am (UTC)
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Date:October 30th, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)

He’s got a four-paragraph quote from his source, a NY Daily News article. He’s also got a link that I’m guessing was supposed to go to the article, but 404s. Here’s one that (currently) works:

There’s nothing extra in that article, that Balko didn’t mention, that makes the NYPD look any more reasonable.

Here are some more (for now) working links:

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Date:October 31st, 2011 03:06 am (UTC)
Why are you making excuses for the cops here? You're aware that this incident took place in New York City, and involves the NYC cops, and NYC law, and you've got three NYC-local news sources verifying that she should have been brought before a judge within 24 hours. Why are you bringing Florida law into it? Are you just desperately grasping for an excuse not to believe this woman?

She says she was held for five days, and nobody's disputed that yet. In all those three stories, the only claim of Griffin's that the NYPD is quoted as disputing is the one about access to a bathroom, and even that isn't a direct rebuttal, because it leaves open the possibility that she was held somewhere without a bathroom for some part of the five days, and someplace with one for the rest.

If she was held as she claims, she's entirely within her rights to sue.
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Date:October 30th, 2011 07:07 pm (UTC)
The overall problem is usually summarized as "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" : 'Who will guard the guards themselves?'.

When I went to look it up just now, I found that the original context is much less weighty than the way the line is usually used:

[D. Satire #6 of Junius Juvenalis (lines 346-351)]

[audio quid ueteres olim moneatis amici,
'pone seram, cohibe.' sed quis custodiet ipsos
cauta est et ab illis incipit uxor.]
iamque eadem summis pariter minimisque libido,
nec melior silicem pedibus quae conterit atrum    [350]
quam quae longorum uehitur ceruice Syrorum.

Satire 6.
[Translated by G. G. Ramsay]
The Ways of Women

I hear all this time the advice of my old friends----keep your women at home, and put them under lock and key. Yes, but who will watch the warders? Wives are crafty and will begin with them. High or low their passions are all the same. She who wears out the black cobble-stones with her bare feet is no better than she who rides upon the necks of eight stalwart Syrians.
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