nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Two Food Experiments

Tried using St. Andre cheese (a soft and somewhat blue-flavored cheese) with spaghetti and boar sausage. (The sausage came from D'Angelo Brothers in the Italian Market of Philadelphia.) This was a big win--not only did it taste good, but the cheese coated the strands of sphagetti very pleasantly. Further experiments with other soft cheeses weren't as good--maybe St. Andre is the only one.

The other experiment was stir-frying tuna with whole unpeeled lime slices. The result was somewhat bitter and I won't be doing that again. One of my friends *likes* bitter, and he'll probably try it out for himself.

One of the lime slices escaped under the pan, and got lightly toasted by the gas flame. This was actually nice--the cooking seemed to sweeten the lime a bit, and the crispy peel was nice to handle, though I didn't try eating it.
Tags: cooking
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