nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Hugo 3D. a movie I liked

This one is pretty charming, and also pretty.

Even though I saw it because people liked it without knowing anything else about it, and had a vague impression it was about Victor Hugo, my wondering whether the station guard was an inspiration for Javert didn't really do any damage, and I eventually figured out that it's simply cyberpunk fiction about an invented character.

I could write more about the plot and the setting, but if you want that, you could look it up elsewhere. Sometimes it's a pleasure to go in with a "tell me a story" attitude.

It's possible that there will be a sequel, but the story is complete in one movie.

It's a message movie, but the message is only underlined once, and the general point that what's needed is kindness and ingenuity is remarkably refreshing. There aren't any scenes of coercive interrogation by the good guys. As a bonus, romance isn't reserved for the pretty people.

With all this going for it, I'm willing to forgive an idiot plot (no one notices that the clock guy's salary isn't being collected, a large train station apparently only has one guard) and giving dogs human body language.

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