nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Chess patches, putting together opposition to UK ID

From Kuro5hin:

Patch 1.04

The Rook units are severly underused, only coming into the game late or, in some games, never. In order to rectify this, we have given the Rooks a special ability. From now on, given that a Rook and the corresponding Rook Pawn have not yet been moved, a player may simultaneously play P-R4 and R-R3. This should get the Rooks into play and restore balance to the Chess units.

Patch 1.05

Nobody is using the new Fast Advance ability of the Rook units, due to problems with the Bishop fields of fire blocking the Rook entry points! In order to rectify this imbalance, positions of Bishops and Knights will be reversed at start. This small change should not interfere with the strategies of experienced players, and will provide a much better game.

Link found at Making Light.

And also at Kuro5hin....

a money raising petition against a new ID system. People pledge to give 10 pounds to a legal defence fund if at least 10K people sign up--so far, 3452 people have signed on.

I'm sure that when there's an imminent attempt at a national ID in the US (possibly around 2008), there'll be something similar here.

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