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Don't talk to the police

This is really important information, but you're also likely to be entertained and fascinated while you're listening to it.

The first half is a fast-talking funny law professor who used to be a defense attorney. The second half is an occasionally funny normal-speed-talking police officer, who doesn't mean to arrest or contribute to the conviction of innocent people.... but he doesn't seem to be able to wrap his mind around the idea that he's doing so. He might be lying about that last.

Anyway, cynical as I am, there were a few details which surprised me. I didn't know the Federal government can't keep track of all its laws which define felonies. Or that anything you say to a police officer which might indicate your innocence is hearsay and inadmissible at a trial, but anything which might indicate guilt is admissible. Any slight mistakes or exaggerations you make when talking to the police will be considered lies and used to wreck your credibility.

I did know that the police are allowed to lie to you in interrogations interviews, but I didn't know all the subtle implications.

Link thanks to andrewducker, though I don't know how many of the details transfer to Scotland.

ETA: Details for the UK.

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