nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

This is heck, nor am I out of it

From an article about weight loss surgery:

One woman, a patient of Ren’s, described the first time she was able to wrap and tuck a hotel towel around her body. It’s hard, here, to replicate the mixture of incredulity and gratitude in her voice.

A lot of the article is about how much better people get treated when they're thin, and how much happier they are with themselves, though it's also got a fair amount about the complications of weight loss surgery and that being thin can turn out not to solve most of the difficulties of life (unless, of course, you die of one of the complications) and sometimes add a few.

This article makes some people sad--it makes me pointlessly, murderously angry. I'd start with the woman with the towel, go on to anyone who contributed to her feeling that way, and finish with the hotel managements that don't get big towels.

What have I done in a past life to deserve living among such idiots, and to be somewhat vulnerable to their nonsense myself?

I've got sympathy for anyone whose weight is wrecking their knees, but the social thing is not sane. And it's funny that I've never heard of a fat person getting a suggestion to strengthen the muscles around their knees before they get into trouble.

Link found at Amptoons.

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