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Explaining a couple of recent posts

That bafflegab post about memetic prophylactic recommended?

I'd run across an astonishingly awful example of out of control nonsense and presumption.

Eddie Long (pastor of the New Birth megachurch, sexual abuser of young men (probably-- or at least there was an out of court settlement) and preacher of the prosperity gospel is being made King by a "rabbi" in a ceremony which includes being wrapped in what is probably a real Torah scroll. Not only is he not a real rabbi, he's not a real member of Jews for Jesus, either.

While I sometimes post things to be outraged at, I think they're generally about physical damage-- the effects of a vicious legal system, for example.

This was different.... wildly offensive, but it's also (at least for me) rather giddy fun to go after the awful details. So, I put up such extreme warnings that I don't know whether anyone clicked through to see it.

Anyway, there's a good lively discussion at the top link. Here's a detailed, serious takedown of the religious errors, or at least the errors about Judaism. I wouldn't be surprised if some errors about Christianity slipped through.

Anyway, this is connected to why I linked to that article by Razib.

I don't like his stuff in general, but I thought his experiment with blathering and gullibility was very interesting (and a better test than the Sokol hoax). People don't just behave like Messer (the "rabbi") because there's money in it-- generating vaguely plausible nonsense is apparently fun in itself, at least for some people. And, of course, not every audience has its internal copy editor running all the time.

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