nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Different enough?

Now to the real issue, not whether we are like the Nazis, but rather why are we not different enough?
From Armando at Daily Kos. quoting Avi Schlaim, an Israeli historian.

I think the proper comparison is to the prison camps we had for the Germans (many of whom were Nazis) during WWII. Those camps were here in the US. I saw a TV show about the comp in Arizona. The prisoners were treated with so much respect that many of them went back to Germany convinced that democracy was the best form of government if it produced citizens like this.

So the proper comparison is not "are we treating the people like the Nazis did?" but "Are we treating these people like we treated the Nazis?"
By mimikatz in comments to a Washington Monthly piece.

Links found at or from pnh at Making Light
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