nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Carey's *The Unwritten*

I've read the first two volumes of The Unwritten, a series of graphic novels about a man whose claim to fame was that his father based a wildly popular fantasy series on him. Nothing is going on in his life-- he's making a bare living doing appearances at conventions-- and then all hell breaks lose. The fantasy world is braking into his life. He seems to be adopted, and the fans hate him for it. He's falsely accused of multiple murder. The Song of Roland (I hope that's an unusually bad translation) gets involved, too.

Two questions for fans: Is the number of volumes likely to complete the story known? Does the plot seem to be converging toward anything in particular, or does it continue as an engaging phantasmagorica?

And it is engaging-- the events and writing are interesting, and I like the art work a lot except that the cat is too stiff. I'm also not sure whether the reporter has a personality, or just gives the impression of being interesting because he has a weird beard.

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