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Cancelling took 22 screens......

A description of ways web sites are set up to get money from you that you didn't intend to give them, and a suggestion of a code of ethics for web designers, so that they have something to say when their bosses pressure them. Also a suggestion of a wall of shame for companies with evil interfaces-- something that I think would be extremely valuable.

Amazon was mentioned as bad-- I don't know whether there are more problems at, but I've found them to offer a pretty honest interface. It's easy to take things out of my cart or cancel orders. They've never snuck anything into my cart. The only slightly fishy elements are that they offer free shipping on orders over $25, but there's an extra step or two to actually get it, and I've never been able to figure out their actual shipping deal when they offer fulfillment by amazon.

I was going to leave a comment ("Good work, but the pod cast cuts off in the middle of a question"), but if I don't want to register at Slideshare (which I didn't because it's just one comment goddammit) offers Facebook registration.... which makes it literally impossible not to allow them to email me. *sigh*

Link found at A Dad's Plea to Developers of iPad Apps for Children, and I found that thanks to andrewducker.

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