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Reminder about Google Power Search classes - Input Junkie
July 15th, 2012
01:37 pm


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Reminder about Google Power Search classes
Tomorrow is the last day to register, and now that I've started doing the classes, I recommend them.

Even though some of the material is familiar to me, a lot isn't. I didn't know there were color chips on the left margin of image results so that you can search by predominant color. Unfortunately, the lecture says that you can then filter those results by another color and I can't get that to work, but apparently changes at google take time to propagate, so I'm hoping that's the problem.

I also hadn't noticed that you can filter searches by date range-- also something at the left side of the screen.

And if you use control/command F in Chrome, there are yellow lines on the left edge of your screen to mark the lines where your search string appears.

The lecturer says that only 10% of people know to use control/command F before they've taken the course, which I find surprising.

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