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Squash with skirt steak

1 kabucha squash, maybe a foot across-- I think it resulted in about a pound and a half of cooked squash
something between a half a pound and a pound of cooked skirt steak from Whole Foods
olive oil
a little goat's milk, maybe two or three ounces
aleppo pepper
Auntie Arwen's Buccaneer's Booty West Indie's Fish Mix: coriander, black pepper, yellow mustard seed, lime peel & juice, coconut, cumin, cloves

Cook the squash. I cut it into quarters and baked it in the microwave. 24 minutes per quarter. The last quarter was overcooked and had very little usable flesh. I don't know why, but it was the quarter with the stem-- maybe that conducted heat more.

Stir the spices in olive oil at a moderate heat. Add the squash and skirt steak. I discovered that it was kind of bland, so I added more spices and some salt.

When it was heated up, I added the goat's milk. The milk was bubbling kind of aggressively, so I lowered the heat.

Very tasty. Fatty meat with squash is a huge win. I think squash with bacon is going to happen in the forseeable future.

Kombucha squash (or at least that one) has a sort of a tang which seemed to want sweet spices. My original plan was lavender, honey, and goat's milk, but the Fish Mix turned up before I found the lavender. The goat's milk was a hangover from the original plan, and may not have made much difference.

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