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MSG overview,9950,1522368,00.html

A history of the discovery and use of MSG and a strong suggestion that if people are getting sick from something in Asian food, it isn't the MSG--it's also significantly present in tomatoes and aged cheeses, but people don't show the syndrome from Italian food. On the other hand, I haven't heard of anyone checking on whether milk products have a protective effect. It can't be the garlic--that's used in both cuisines.

I'm amused that even though the writer has found MSG to be harmless and tasty, he still won't use it as a seasoning, apparently for reasons of self-image.,1284,761,00.html

Dr. Weil (who's got a background in both conventional and alternative medicine) says that he's seen a lot of cases of MSG sensivity, even though there's no scientific explanation.

First link snagged from perigee, second link hunted down because I used to read Dr. Weil back when he was weirder and more interesting.

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