nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

A poem that makes philosophical sense

by [personal profile] teddywolf:
Sonnet: New Horizons
A calm beyond experience of Man,
It forms the grandest palette of them all.
Inchoate, dull and empty it began
Before the spark that was the rise and fall-
And so, into the emptiness of space
A single definition did appear
Creating solid forms and boundless place
All born of what I whispered in your ear
We do not understand the world at large
With new horizons yet to be explored
As bound'ries are but goalposts that we charge
My quiet question yet must be implored:
In all Creation, how much dare we seek
Discovery of what we cannot speak?

I like this poem because it's a very good match for a lot of what fascinates me-- in particular, that what we do is collaboration with the universe. This is more vividly true with conceiving a child, but it applies to all activities-- art, science, business, government, getting through the day, you name it.

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